Clubs & Organizations

Zeta Omicron, Kappa Pi
International Art Honor Society, Zeta Omicron Chapter
The Zeta Omicron chapter of Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society is a service organization for art majors, sophomores & up who have at least a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.5 in their major. Zeta Omicron helps our members get involved in the local art community. The group also sponsors several art-related community service projects each year, and offers scholarships as well as publication opportunities. Join the Zeta Omicron chapter of Kappa Pi to engage in art-related activities with other art majors who care about art in its role in life. For more information, contact

Art History Club
A club that aims to give Marywood students an opportunity to take a firm grasp on their fine arts education and steer it in a more comfortable, fun, direction. Full of projects and trips, we hope to open the minds of those dabbling in art history to the true expanse of the subject. For more information, contact

The CMYKlub at Marywood University aims at providing students with a place to share ideas on artistic design in a modern world. The club works collectively to expand knowledge in realms of color, shape, line, composition, typography, photo manipulation, advertisement, and other various areas of design. The club also prepares students for entry-level work and aids them in portfolio layouts, social networking, gallery work, clientele and other company related agencies. For more information, contact

The Drawing Board
The Drawing Board is a club made by art students for art students. The primary purpose of this club is to provide learning opportunities outside of class for Illustration Majors and any other art majors who may have an interest in illustration or drawing in general. We want to unite the students within the majors allowing for the co-mingling of upperclassmen and underclassmen in an environment where ideas, concepts, techniques, and opinions can be shared without harsh judgment. We meet every other week, Mondays at 9 P.M.  Drawing sessions and other fun activities ensue. Join today! For more information, contact

Marywood University Student Art Therapy Association (MUSATA)
MUSATA is composed of graduate and undergraduate art therapy students with the support of the Marywood art therapy faculty. The main purpose of this group is to network, share personal, artistic, educational, and overall professional growth opportunities. This group strives to promote art therapy as a means of life improvement. MUSATA seeks out volunteer opportunities so that its members can gain experience with a variety of populations while lending a helping hand in accordance with Marywood’s curricular goal of service learning. For more information, contact

Student Clubs and Organizations
Marywood’s Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) offers over 60 extra-curricular registered clubs and organizations. All clubs and organizations are student run, under the advisement of a faculty or staff member. All registered clubs are open to membership for all Marywood students. If you are interested in our clubs and organizations and would like to learn more information, please contact

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