City Exposure

After going on vacation it’s hard to get back into the motions of creating artwork.

How do you get back into the workflow when you feel like you still need more time? Or what about the creative block that has been clouding your head for the last few weeks, if it doesn’t budge soon you swear you’ll just abandon it all together.

Depending on where you’ve vacationed I think plays a role in the level of creativity you possess when you finally get back home. For me, going to a city and being exposed to people and art that I don’t normally witness motivates me in a way to create more as oppose to going to a beach. As an illustrator, my personal connection to art lies within the figure and their story to be told without having to use a written narrative. Sometimes these peoples lives fascinate me and things such as street art, food, and fashion inspire me to do more. Certain creative decisions I realize I can get away with within my own art when I return home. Arriving back I mentally draw the parallels between what I’m used to and comfortable with while reminding myself of the absurdity of life that exists elsewhere which subconsciously effects my way of creating. I tend to appreciate the beauty in the little things after these interactions of human and environment. The smell of coffee even in an overcrowded area, a man carrying flowers for a special occasion, the way a fun pair is socks can make or break an outfit, the blueness of someone’s eyes from across a room. By becoming more aware of these, I simultaneously try to address these subtleties within my work.

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