Looking Back

This week I went to a butterfly release for lost loved ones. It reminded me of when I use to love drawing butterflies. I use to draw them all the time. My favorites are my charcoal drawing and my painting. I did these before I graduated high school and I do not think I can recreate these.



At the butterfly release I took some nice photos of the butterflies. I want to see if I can do a painting or a drawing of some of them, if I still can. I haven’t done drawings or painting in a very long time, especially with the little details I did back in high school. Its going to take awhile for me to get comfortable with charcoals and paints again but hopefully it will work out. I started doing some basic sketching of a photo I took. It is not the best but I just wanted to get the basic shapes down. Maybe I will go further in the drawing, I have no idea yet.

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