Ever since I took my Intro to Typography class freshman year, I have been obsessed with all things involving typography. Everyone has their own unique style, and I come across new types of artwork every single day. Seeing all the different kinds of artists on social media has really given me inspiration for my own work.

Last week, I wrote about the incredible fluid art paintings I came across on my Instagram feed. I had also mentioned that I was really into a lot of different typography pages as well, so I thought for this weeks post I would share some of my favorites!

Three typographers on Instagram that have caught my attention lately are David Milan, El Juantastico, and Vallery Darmadji. All of their pieces really amaze me, and what I also really love is how each of them present their work. They all take pictures of their typography with the mediums that they used around it. David Milan seems to stick with simple markers and colored pencils, while Juantastico uses a variety of sharpies, and then Vallery Darmadji uses watercolor paints for his. The composition of the pictures overall looks very artsy and well put together, and it just adds to the aesthetic of each artist to make it their own. All of them also have very bold and colorful styles which I love, but they all differ from one another in their techniques.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from each artist! You can check out the rest of their work on their Instagram pages by clicking on their names!

David Milan

El Juantastico

Vallery Darmadji

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