Sketching on the Go

This past week, I was extremely busy working at the dance studio because our junior and senior companies were having their spring shows over the weekend, and, like every year, there was so much to do. So this week, in between setting the stage, running to get extra tights, and helping with many quick changes, I brought my sketchbook with me. I knew I wouldn’t have a second to step into my art room so I planned to sketch whenever I could. 

I love sketching. It lets me get my thoughts down quickly and I don’t have to worry about creating a masterpiece. If I want, it can be a bunch of lines only I understand. For me, there’s no pressure to finish anything in my sketchbook. Perhaps I will come back to it or maybe the “unfinished” version is actually finished. I try to sketch for a while at least once a day. That way, even if I don’t get a chance to work on a piece, I’m still creating. I like to bring a sketchbook with me everywhere in case I get an idea or I see something that strikes me. My sketchbooks have been to many different places and are filled with not only my sketches but also notes to myself or inspirational quotes I find. I even have a running list of artists I have found that I like. 

Here are just a couple of pages from my sketchbook that I did during the little free time I had. Some are quick sketches or just some thumbnails of an idea I had during dress rehearsal. 

Until next time!


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