Finished Work

Last week I wrote a post about the painting I was working on for a client. I made it a goal to finish it over spring break and I did! The painting was from an original picture that I traced and transferred to canvas. The client sent me a picture of a painting done in a negative style, she wanted it to be used as a model. The canvas in the picture was turned so that it was diamond shaped. So I did my best to mimic this painting in the painting I was doing.

The most difficult part of this painting was getting the picture to fit in with the canvas. Half the ear was cut off in the picture so I had to create one. Another problem was that the head of the dog looked like it was just floating in the middle of the canvas. I had to also create a body to fill the canvas and make it look proportional. This was a challenging painting but I feel like it was a success and the client loved it.

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