A Busy Month

So much is happening this month!

First, of course, midterms. Thankfully half of my classes are not doing midterms so I can focus on the others. There are midterm papers which I love because I suck at tests no matter how much I study. At least with a paper I can see how good I am doing.

There is also spring break which I am dying for even though I have a midterm paper due right after.

The week after spring break is also the art department trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Last semester the art history classes took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was absolutely amazing! My favorite parts where the Greek and Roman sculptures. Looking at picture in art history class does not do these sculptures justice. We did have a problem with the buses so we were not able to stay as long and I might have gotten lost like two times so hopefully I can go back this year and explore the place without having an anxiety about missing the bus or getting lost. I hope during this trip to Philadelphia that I can enjoy this museum a bit more even though nothing, in my view, will beat the Metropolitan. Even though I am really stressed out this month I am excited for the trip which I cant wait to tell everyone about!

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