Casting Times Four! 

For Sculpture III I decided to do four projects that become one. I used a foam ball to create a globe shape that I then separated into four pieces. Each piece represents an element: earth, water, air, fire. Water and air will be cast in glass while the fire piece will be cast in bronze. Earth is a little more tricky because I wanted to make that piece out of clay. Clay shrinks when fired so I’ll have to make several pieces at different sizes to see which one will fit in the globe.

I used plasticine to create the design for three of the pieces because it was easy to shape. It helps when creating molds because the plasticine can be scraped out without damaging the mold. There’s three separate molds for each piece so that they can be pulled apart. The plaster is separated by playing cards so they don’t stick together while drying. The drying time will take about a week and then I can’t wait to cast!


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