Strata Exhibition


Suraci Gallery
Feb 25, 2017 – Mar 26, 2017

The current exhibition in the Suraci Gallery is a single show by Laura Duerwald, an art professor here at Marywood. At first glance her artworks may seem like normal  paintings but the main medium of choice is graphite, as well as paper, linen, acrylic, gouache, and wax. The process she goes through to create her artworks is using powdered graphite to rub into paper by hand. She then folds and tears the paper based on her inspirations or how the art is speaking to her. Common areas of inspiration are natural formations, charts, topography, and stitching. Duerwald’s process is more then meets the eye and deserves to be appreciated in person, at a distance and then up close, to fully grasp her artworks.

Information courtesy of Marywood Art Galleries


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