With mostly everyone back home and not at school, the galleries at Marywood have only one current exhibition up, Disturbing. The show is curated by an arts administration student (and fellow blogger) at Marywood, La’Nae Charles. She curated and installed the exhibition and wrote the information for the show on Marywood’s art gallery website. Disturbing is running from December 3, 2016 to January 29, 2017 in the Maslow Gallery.

The purpose of the exhibition is for each viewer to relate to each art piece and how it effects them as “disturbing”. The artworks intentions weren’t to be classified as “disturbing”, but they do have aspects of them that are.

The featured image, Young Man Frozen by a Waterfall, Steven Campbell, has a dark eerie color scheme that adds to the theme of the exhibition. At first glance, for me, the painting does seem disturbing and quite scary as to what is happening to the young boy. Everyone can explore different ways that one artwork is disturbing or not to them.

Since, Disturbing, will be still up in the Maslow Collection when the semester starts I encourage everyone to visit. I myself will be doing just that.

Featured image and information courtesy of Marywood Art Galleries

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