Hand Lettering

For Christmas, one of my friends got me a really great book on hand lettering. It has a lot of information on different techniques and tips for many different styles and processes of lettering.

letteringOne of my favorite things about it are the prompts it gives to motivate the reader to practice. It doesn’t just say “this is how you do it” but it gives a lot of really great tips and tricks to help the reader understand how to use all of the tools correctly. Along with that, it provides space in the book to practice! There are pages with examples and guides so that the reader can put their new skills to use.

The book also encourages the reader to develop their own style, instead of emulating someone else’s and I think that’s a really important aspect of teaching someone a new artistic process. Anyone can copy something that’s in front of them, but this book helps the reader create their own style by giving them somewhere to start but also including information for them build on top of what they’ve learned.

I’m really excited to use this book as a tool to learn more and further my skills when it comes to hand lettering. The prompts are really in depth and I’m excited to see how they all turn out once I give them a try!

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