I talked about the ceramic jewelry that I had come out of the kiln a few weeks ago and I decided to make a lot more in many different colors. I still need to hang the pendants on chains and put all the studs on the earrings. It is actually  a long process because it has a lot of tiny components to it. I wanted to have a lot of colors and see how the gold leaf would interact with them. I did some gads green, San Miguel, and angel eyes. I am pretty happy with how they came out and my favorite earrings are a grayish color. I actually ran out of gold stud for the backs of my earrings and I went back to get some more and they were completely out of the gold. I bought some silver ones and I really hope that they don’t look bad. I really do not not know what I am going to do with all of these or how I want to display them. I have to work on putting them all up on my etsy shop with description and nice pictures. I never thought etsy would be a lot of work because of how people talk about it, but when you have a lot of very tiny item all a little different, it tends to become more tedious.



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