This past week a few of my pieces came out of the kiln from their glaze firing. I was exceptionally happy with the way my goblets turned out! I used a combination of hand building techniques for this project which included slabs and coils. I truly wanted a different look for my goblets especially compared to the ones I did in basic ceramics. My original idea included a set of five simply for the fact there are five people in my family who I intended my goblets for. Even though each goblet was built the same in order to have a cohesive look, each are very special and unique within their own and I feel the glaze really helped that! I chose a different glaze for each cup that I felt looked as if they belonged together and kept the base of the goblet the same. For me, choosing a glaze color can be quite difficult because you never really know what the glaze will do especially when you do not have full control over the kiln but I do believe that is the best part because I love the surprise sometimes. With this project the glazes did come out the way I envisioned and I do not think I never been so happy!



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