First Thrown Teapot

I have made tea pots before but I have never thrown one on the wheel. I have made on out of slabs and I have made on out of coils. I attempted for the first time to throw all the components of the teapot and I am really satisfied with the outcome of it. I put a lot of work into it and I think it really paid off.

Last weekend was my grandmother’s 80th birthday and she absolutely loves my teapot. She also has a lot of them and does not really need more, but I told her she does not have a handmade one from me, haha! Well I made this with her in mind because she does not like when they are too big because she is the only person that drinks tea when she makes it. I still do not know what color I am going to make it for her and I think it is going to take a while until I figure out the perfect color for her. I think I really want to try to make more of these and experiment with different spouts and different sizes because I enjoyed making it so much. My biggest challenge was keeping my grandmother in mind while I was making it because she is very particular when it comes to my work! I have to look a more forms and maybe try a narrow, tall teapot with a really long spout and long handle. Either way i am sure I will be talking about these more soon!



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