Web Design

For the past few weeks in my Web Design and Interactive Media class we’ve been working on building a website for a fictional travel guide website based in San Francisco. We started by making a mock up for the look of the website and then slowly began building it in Adobe Dreamweaver.

I didn’t have much experience in web design, so starting this project was really difficult. I didn’t want to create a mock up that I couldn’t actually create in Dreamweaver, so I was conservative with my design, while still trying to make it aesthetically pleasing.

We were all given a starter HTML file with main pieces of the website like a header, two columns for the body of the site, and space for the footer. This made it easier to bring our own websites to life, since we could easily change the measurements of the elements in CSS to fit our own designs.

It was really difficult to put together the website, even with the starter file because it seemed like every time I made a change to fix a problem, another problem came up. After a lot of time, practice, and trial and error, I was actually able to make a functioning website! I still have a lot to learn about web design, but it was really rewarding to see how everything came together, and I’m excited to be able to expand my skills in this field.

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