Art is Medicine 

This is my last semester here at Marywood before I graduate and so I thought I’d reward myself with long weekends. I only have classes from Tuesday through Thursday. Things were going great but this is college and well…yeah, it’s college. I thought I’d have more time to get work done and even relax a little more but that’s not the way things are working out. This may just be one of my more stressful semesters!

I’ve been trying to find different ways to relieve the stress. Yoga, Zumba, Step Team, they all work! But of all the things I’ve tried, art seems to be at the top of the list. I started painting again. Not on a large scale but on mini canvases. That’s all you really need! A little time with a little paint helps in a big way. Art is definitely a medicine and I’m no doctor but I’d recommend this treatment!

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