Student Spotlight: Cecelia Peters

Hello! My name is Alexandra Evans and I am the newest blogger for Where Creativity Works. I’m very excited to have the position as the Student Spotlight blogger and to have the opportunity to see all the talented students Marywood has to offer. Starting things off with junior Art Therapy major, Cecelia Peters!


Name: Cecelia Peters, Class of 2018

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: (Considering declaring) Painting

I am majoring in Art because art is one of my passions, I’ve always been one to create. Not only is it a hobby, but also an escape from the crazy world. It’s an experience to create, and a whole other experience to relate to a finished product. And the process between the beginning and then end of a piece can be either torturous or as easy and graceful as ever. Art is what you make it to be, literally.

The kinds of things that inspire me are album covers! I love all types of album covers, especially old vinyl album art. I also am inspired by the beautiful nature we are surrounded with.

My favorite class so far was I really enjoyed taking 2-dimensional design, painting 2, and ceramics. I discovered my love for gouache in 2D, and I found that I really enjoyed working with basic shapes and lines as well. Painting is something I am extremely fond of, once I pick up the brush I seem to be able to leave the rest of my world behind for a little and let the brush do the talking. I took my first ceramics class last semester and I loved it more than I thought I’d be able to. Sitting on a kick wheel with some clay seeping between my fingers is how I’d like to spend most of my free time. I’ve learned so much more about myself and my art through this medium, I also feel extremely connected to my work, much more so that a drawing or painting.

When I’m not in class I can be found in a studio painting or throwing. I also love to hike and adventure past the small campus of Marywood. A majority of the time I am with my friends.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was ceramics! I can start a new mug collection that is made by me instead of ransoms mugs from the Salvation Army (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

When I graduate I will most likely be attending graduate school.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because the staff and facilities here are wonderful and accommodating. The professors really take a deep interest in each of the students here and they want them to succeed.


Thank you Cecelia for sharing your amazing work with us! I loved hearing about how much you liked your ceramics classes as well. Your passion for it makes me want to go sign up now! I do love a good mug.

Until next time!




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