Keep Connecting!

If you all remember one of my previous posts was all about networking and the importance of keeping those connections. This has been a summer of connections for me! For the past week I’ve been working with a sitting Senator in our 31st legislature here in the Virgin Islands. After speaking and working so closely with him, I realized that we share interests in many of the same things. We share some common goals and are working on a few projects together. Because of these shared goals, I, along with a team of other supporters, went out to share his message.

Now, it’s election season! This past weekend we were able to campaign. It was my first time but I felt pretty good about the entire experience. Although there were other people supporting other candidates we were all able to find common ground and it was a day of fun, light-hearted competition, which I think is always a good time!

This is all to say, get out there and keep making those connections! You never know how far those relationships can take you. Plus, you just might make some great friends in the process. 🙂

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