At the Art Establishment studios I have been working on some shallow bowls and plates with handles on the side to make them like a serving platter. I made one of these in the spring semester in Ceramics class and I loved it so much I wanted to make a whole bunch of them to either sell or just keep for myself. The original one I made was like a happy accident because it was not my intention.

This is my original one. I love how the center swirl turned out with this glaze because it just accents it to nicely. This was also the first time I got I ever worked with a white clay body. The white clay body made the glaze more intense than it usually does with our normal clay body.

The new pieces I made at the art establishment are less decorative and I made them more functional for people to actually use in their kitchen.

I am not sure what color I am going to glaze these pieces yet but I am trying to think of a more universal color for kitchens. I don’t want any colors that are not going to work with many kitchens. And I am still debating weather or not I want to keep the decorative aspect of it or just go strictly based off functionality. I need to play around with a lot of ideas until I am sure that I am making the best product I can. I like to see what other people think and their opinions because everyone likes different characteristics in a piece that I might over look.


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