Saturday Walk In The Park

This past weekend, I decided to head down to Nay Aug Park in Scranton to try my hand at nature photography for the first time in a while. Nay Aug is generally a nice place to go for this sort of thing mainly because of its proximity to my home, and also because of its many trails that weave and wind through what are sometimes fairly dense woods without ever taking you too far from civilization; so as far as a destination to shoot for a few hours without it being a day long excursion.

From the start, I found myself sort of ignoring the trails for the most part and more or less wandering around pretty aimlessly, shooting anything that caught my attention. As it were, most of that happened to be wildlife, as well as a lot of forms made by the interaction of trees. One of the oft overlooked advantages of shooting digital as opposed to film in a situation such as this, aside from its convenience, is that you can easily shoot hundreds of photos without needing dozens of rolls of film; or the time to process it.

One of the most absolutely cool things about being in the woods, even if it is just in the park, is when you’ve been around long enough that the life around you doesn’t really care about your presence anymore (for instance, a squirrel ran about three feet in front of me and stayed there for nearly a minute ((unfortunately me raising my camera was what scared him off))). My stillness also gave way to the opportunity to get quite close to quite a lot of insect life as well, including the strange dragonfly sort of thing in the first photo below. Although this isn’t exactly my normal area of interest, I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t find it incredibly engaging, but also very tranquil at the same time. _DSC0135_DSC0232_DSC0194_DSC0198_DSC0217




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