Leaving Treasures Behind

Growing up some of the best memories I made were at my family’s lake house. Jumping off docks, climbing rocks, watching turtle eggs hatch, admiring the beauty of salamanders. There are so many special little spots around to enjoy. Last week, my cousin Kate Grow and I decided to take a ride up. On the way up we talked about how all old rock walls have a story. Once we got there we decided we wanted to build a story of rocks. We put on music and started collecting rocks.

This was exciting to us, because we knew once we walked away a little piece of our art would remain there. It was like leaving a little note “someone was here” but in a different way.

I think it’s important to leave little treasures like that behind. It makes others stop and just look at what is in front of them.

This day and every day I have spent in nature have inspired so many ideas. I found a handful of small flat rocks to use as coasters, some ferns to preserve, and my favorite find was the birch logs that had been floating in the lake so long the bark peeled off in a beautiful and simplistic way.

Embrace found objects and create your own happiness!

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