Here’s to Another Semester!

Once again, the end of the semester has rolled in. For me, my spring semesters seem to be my busiest semesters. I am very glad it has come to an end. Do not get me wrong, however, I truly enjoyed every moment of this semester. I had some really great professors and learned a great deal within my courses.

I am simply very excited for summer break. I usually spend a majority of my summers working but this summer I plan on that being a little different. My goal is to do quite a bit of traveling this summer even if it is just within the states. I plan on visiting new museums especially the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I desperately want to see Marcel Duchamp’s work so that museum is must! I also plan on spending a deal of time outside especially after taking Green Piece: Art and Nature in America with Dr. Partridge and Pam Parsons. I felt this course definitely gave me more of an appreciation of nature and the world that I live in so hikes and visits to national parks is another must for this summer. And, of course I plan to continue to work on my own art and projects this summer. As of now I have lots planned and I never been as excited!

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