Painting on Paper

In my Figure Drawing class we are working on large scale drawings of the figure. Part of this assignment is to create an interesting composition using multiple figure drawings. Also it was required of us to incorporate different mediums within the drawing.

The first image shows the figure drawings before I started using acrylic paint. The second picture shows the initial layer of paint.

As I continued to paint, I stopped painting within the lines and started to overlap and abstract the figure. This started to create interesting shapes and areas of color. I also continued to go back and forth using paint, then charcoal. I found that I really like using charcoal with my paintings because it gives another texture of lines and shapes. I like using charcoal because it has an interesting contrast with the flat color of the paint.

Painting on paper is a great and I wish I started doing this earlier. I don’t think I am completely finished with this drawing/painting yet but I really like the direction it is going in.


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