Abstract Painting Continued

A few weeks ago I made a post titled Abstract Painting Inspiration and it explained the beginning of my process with this painting.

So I have worked on this painting off and on for about 3 months and it’s one of my favorite  pieces I have made this semester. The first picture is where I left off with my last post.

In the second picture you can see I started creating new shapes and changing a few colors. I was able to take out the things that were bothering me. In the third picture I was starting to use oil paint for some of the shapes and lines. This was a very slow process believe it or not. Each decision I made was for a reason. I was experimenting with washes of color over top of other colors and I am really pleased with the effects it gives.



This is the finished piece hanging in the Kresge Gallery here at Marywood. The show was up last week for my painting class.

Sketchbook Drawing of the Week:




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