A Special Thank You

This past Friday was one of Zeta Omicron‘s (Marywood’s Art Honor Society) biggest events of the year, the Empty Bowl Project. This event took place on April’s First Friday in Scranton, as I had explained in a previous blog post leading up to the event. Well the event was a huge success and we as a club could not be more thankful to everyone who helped make this special event happen.

So many Zeta members throughout the months of January to April have been preparing, making & glazing bowls, and spreading the word about this event. We raised so much money for Meals on Wheels NEPA which made the night even better. So many people came in to buy handmade bowls and commented on how beautiful they were and how it was a great cause.

A very special thanks to Alyssa Wood (President of Zeta Omicron), Emma Pilon (Vice President of Zeta Omicron), as well as Empty Bowl Committee and all those members that have put so much time and effort into this big event!

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