Pamela M. Parsons


Pamela M. Parsons, Associate Professor of Art, currently has an exhibit in the Suraci Gallery that will be up until May 8th. You may think that clipping pieces of different material is easy, but there is an art to Parsons’ collages. Throughout every one of her pieces there are various details, materials, and colors used.

Pamela Parsons workParsons has created themes throughout each one of her pieces, as seen in the picture to the right there are very vibrant colors and a jarring tone created by the mean fish and bold color choices. Also, there are many geometric shapes with sharp lines creating tension in the viewer.

In addition, she not only cuts out materials, but sometimes draws and paints on each collage with complementary colors, adding unity and a flowing aspect into each piece. But what I found most interesting in each one was the use of text from either magazines or newspapers. The text in her artwork is somehow is juxtaposed well along with the use of pictures and cutouts from other materials.

Art is about knowing the rules and breaking them, taking risks, and making pieces that speak to an audience to create an emotion. Pamela M. Parsons show has definitely left an impact on me whether it be through her vibrant colors, impeccable attention to detail and themes or her sense of balance.

Overall, I believe her pieces have a nice surprise element to them. They may seem very abstract yet up close each piece has a specific meaning and tone that speaks to the viewer.

All images courtesy of Pamela Parsons

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