Shape Project

In Painting III I am working on an assignment that consists of shapes which were created by another student. The assignment was to have a graduate MFA student create a project for you to explore.  I was given a list of things to focus on and a box of cut out wooden shapes. The main objective for the project was to use the shapes in the box to create a composition of overlapping shapes with a preconceived color palette.

I did a sketch with some pastels I had just to see how the shapes would fit with each other and what colors I was thinking about using. Pastels were good to practice with because the colors are rich and they are easy to move and mix on the page.


The only thing that I found to be difficult so far would be sticking to the color palette that I had originally intended on using. Looking at the painting as it is now I may still change some colors and shapes. For the most part this project is similar to the paintings I’ve been working on. I look at this as an exercise so I don’t get to involved with trying to make it something I like. I used a smaller canvas because I plan on doing another one with just black, white and grey.


Sketchbook Drawing of the Week:


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